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Free Download Games Diablo 2 Full Version

Free Download Games Diablo 2 Full Version 
Who does not know the name of Blizzard in the gaming industry today? Developers are famous through its ability to print the record sales of almost all the games being released is indeed phenomenal. How not? When the publisher and other developers trying desperately to make a profit through the quantity of games that were presented, Blizzard provides only a few titles alone. However, the title was slightly offset by the quality and marketing strategies are extremely successful. How many gamers who have never played a game like Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo? Rarely.

PC gamers today's generation may know Blizzard for the first time through their phenomenal RTS game, Warcraft III and Starcraft II, which is still in demand. However, for us who had tasted the PC about 10 years ago, one of the game is quite an impression on the heart is the Diablo series. Action-RPG game this could be a trendsetter and an icon as well as the rise of this genre in the gaming industry. Through Diablo too, then the world began to recognize the concept of western-style RPG that much different than that offered by the Japanese.

Unfortunately, due to limited funds in the past, I have not had the opportunity to play the first Diablo series. When the computer starts much in demand and an opportunity to assemble a simple gaming system can be performed, Diablo II directly into the catalog of games to be played. Moreover, some of the cafe at that time also provides the game and offers the opportunity to play a LAN multiplayer. Since then Diablo II started draining my bedtime.

As a gamer who has been first taste of Japanese-style RPG game system, Diablo II is really present with a much different concept at that time. Unlike Final Fantasy VIII or Suikoden II that uses the system's turn to fight, Diablo II comes with a system that is more fighting action. Just like a regular adventure game that infiltrated various RPG elements are condensed. Items, equipment, levels, skills, and a variety of quests that make you can not turn away from him. This is one of gaming's best Action-RPG I've ever played!

The story offered by Diablo II is actually a continuation of the first series. In the first series, the knight who is not named Diablo and finally managed to beat the world's breath back guarantee. However, in the struggle, the knight is also putting a little essence of Diablo into his own body, to obtain a much larger force. However, it is precisely the elements of Diablo slowly begin to poison and take over the body of the Knights, making it the next threat.
We act as an adventurer who stopped at the Rogue Encampment. Thanks to the story of Deckard Cain, the main characters begin to understand the threats that are in plain sight. Therefore, he decided to investigate threats rebirth of the Diablo and plan to stop it. Our long journey began.

One that made me fall in love with Diablo II is a variant of a character class is presented in it. There is a Barbarian, Assassin, Necromancer, Paladin, Druid, Amazon, and the Sorceress. Each character has the characteristics and skills that are much different from each other. Therefore, requires a different strategy games. Not surprisingly, then Diablo II has a fairly high replay value. There are two classes that became my favorite, the Paladin and Necromancer. For some reason, the second class skill is easier to be adapted into a fight. Moreover, Paladin who rely on a variety of status and aura to increase attack power.

Most activities to spend time while playing any RPG game certainly is Leveling. Attempts to raise the level and stats of the character it does require extra time and effort, but the rewards are sometimes unsatisfactory. There is enough to make me happy with the leveling system from Diablo II.

First, perhaps because the enemy often comes in massive quantities to make you do not need a lot of moving just to simply look for enemies and leveling up. Secondly, there are several points that provide Experience Shrine that will increase the exp you can get from each enemy killed in a certain time. Third, because the fight moves much faster, you will not feel the time run out for a variety of animated fight Japanese-style RPG that takes time.
One of the typical Blizzard unique is their ability to bring the system equipment that may be fairly epic. All equipment is obtained from the monsters seem to appear in the form of probability and random, not scipted. You can test it by playing Diablo II with the two characters simultaneously. I am pretty sure that the items and equipment acquired by a single character will be different from the other characters. The same monster not necessarily bring the same equipment.

Opportunity to customize a variety of equipment through like amethyst stone, for example, also makes this game more interesting. Various precious stones added equipment such as this usually produces a certain effect in attack and defense systems. Each stone was found very valuable. Sometimes scared to use it because of the possibility of the emergence of more powerful equipment during the progress of the game.

Other systems that have a thumbs up skill tree offered by Diablo II, which became a reference pretty much the same game genre that was born after it. Each character class in Diablo II has three main skills that can be selected as our characters level up. Interestingly is that you have the freedom to determine the style of game you want. You can just focus on one skill tree just thoroughly or combine all three. Your choices determine your playing style.

I take an example that I use Paladin character. He has three skill trees: Offensive Auras, Defensive Auras, and Sword Attack. My tendency to strengthen the character somehow made me more interested in taking the offensive auras and did not take his sword skills. What consequences should I bear with this option? Style of game I would tend to be more open, focused on the usual melee attack, have high attack power but a weak defense. Knowledge like this that makes us automatically then try to close loopholes that might be a weakness of character.

Sensations that often I found while playing Diablo II is that this game is to bring a lot of features that really make the players focused on the game and instead diribetkan with technical matters. All we need to get a comfortable game has been established. You can open the folder that appears in a transparent manner, replacing the equipment with a drag system, open the windows when more than one game, waypoint, scroll to town portal, and much more. Although it looks small, systems like these that make gamers enjoy the game.

Most points MAIN why I love Diablo II Multiplayer is a system that they offer. I still remember how I used to struggle to the cafe with a considerable distance just to play this game in multiplayer. Hunting monsters and solve quests together to make the game more enjoyable. This is the ultimate point!

CPU Type: Pentium
CPU Speed in MHz: 233MHz
Hard Drive Space: 650MB
CD Drive Speed: 4X
Modem Speed: 28.8Kbps

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