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Review F1 2011 - Sensation of Jet Simulation Game Land True!

Review F1 2011 - Sensation of Jet Simulation Game Land True!
Codemaster name in recent years is quite closely with the racing game that a lot of praise of the racing game lovers the world. Several series of racing games that they produce, such as the Race Driver series and DiRT rally racing series, is a racing game series is certainly not foreign to the ears of the virtual driver. Besides these two series, Codemaster it still has one more racing game series that is not less interesting, F1!

F1 game series is a series of games based on Formula 1 race. In the year 2008, Codemaster get the license to make a racing game that pole. Since then, Codemaster has resulted in 3 games for the series, F1 2009, which was launched for the Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP, F1 2010, and the game they had just launched in late September, F1 2011.
Why "2011"?

It's quite strange when we see a game with the title "2011" was launched in 2011. Typically, the annual game, which mostly sports games, use the "next year" as the title games being released this year. For example, PES 2012, FIFA 12, Football Manager 2012, and NBA 2k12 which was released in 2011. Why choose to give the title Codemaster F1 2011 for this game?

The answer is quite simple, it is because this game is intended to brighten the season Formula 1 2011, not 2012. Then, why Codemaster newly released games such as racing season 2011 is almost over? Could be this is because they need extra time to add original content of the 2011 racing season in the game.
For the game F1 2011, Codemaster seem to need extra time to wait for the completion of the Buddh International Circuit in India which is part of the 2011 racing season. The new circuit is completed in mid-year, and certainly Codemaster need time to make the visualization of these circuits into their game. This kind of thing that is likely to make Codemaster's F1 game series will always be released near the end of the season,when we look at the schedule adding new circuits to the Formula 1 circus will continue to happen until 2014.
Venturing Career As a rider in the Top Class

As I discussed earlier, F1 2011 is the game aimed to liven up racing Formula 1 2011 season. Therefore, the main aspects of gameplay you'll enjoy the game of course is that there are races in the racing season.

Just like the main plot mode "Career" in the previous game, F1 2010, you will act as a driver who had just started his career in the world of Formula 1. You can select multiple teams, of course not the top teams like Red Bull, McLaren, or Ferrari, your debut as a team.
In each race, you will undergo the same procession as it made its Formula 1 driver in each race weekend, free practice - qualification - the race. You will get a challenge from the team, could have been a target to devour one round below the specified deadline or finish in the top position. Any challenges that you can finish will enhance your reputation on the team or even open a new device which would increase the ability of your car.

The results you achieve in each race will determine your future! If you are able to beat your teammates, which usually is the main driver of the team, you could just take over that status. In addition, if the achievements you please register able to attract the attention of other teams, which may have a higher reputation than the current team, you will get a contract offer from the team.

Let's Go to The Race Weekend!

Race weekend is a term used to refer to the race routine that is usually held for 3 days on weekends, the first and second free practice on Thursday / Friday, the third free practice and qualifying on Saturday and race on Sundays. You will feel the routine all or part of the routine, depending on the mode of your choice, "Short Race Weekend" or "Long Race Weekend" where you can choose every time you enter a race weekend.

Throughout the race weekend, you will be more sat in the cockpit of a Formula 1 car you parked in the paddock while waiting for action on the track. But, as long as you sit in the cockpit of the car, you will not be silent for granted. There are many things you can do, especially those associated with the car setup and race strategy.

Setting the car you do have to really carefully thought out beforehand. Each circuit has a different character that will require a different car settings. Weather conditions in the circuit are also affect the settings you have to do! Setting the wrong car will certainly bring bad luck during the race. However, setting the appropriate car, coupled with your ability to use DRS and KERS correctly, can bring you to the maximum performance during the race!

If you are not fans of Formula 1, maybe two terms would seem strange to you. DRS (Drag Reduction System) and KERS (Kinetict Energy Reduction System) are two systems "overdrive" which is mounted on a Formula 1 car.

DRS is a novelty that was introduced in Formula 1 racing season 2011. DRS is useful for reducing the aerodynamic drag on the straight track that could impact on increasing the speed of the car to allow overtaking (passing car in front) will become increasingly common.

When DRS is enabled, the component "flap" or plates on the car's rear wing will move away from the base of the wing so as to create room for the air from the front pass. It will reduce aerodynamic drag and theoretically would increase the speed of the car up to about 15 km / h on a straight track where DRS is enabled. Of course, the game F1 2011, the use of DRS adjusted to the actual regulations in Formula 1. You will not be able to use it as they pleased.

Besides DRS, there are also KERS. KERS is a recycling system kinetic energy is wasted when the car is braking. Recyclable kinetic energy can be saved and used to help accelerate car racer as you wish. In the game F1 2011, you will feel the KERS function similar to the system of "NOS" are widely applied in some other racing games.

KERS system that is in the game is not really similar to the truth. If the actual race, the drivers can recharge their KERS when braking, the game F1 2011 KERS will be automatically recharged every time we passed the start-finish line. Looks like it was intentionally done to minimize difficulties Codemaster the players in his KERS recharge.

Experiencing Difficult Driving Forces Jet

As the simulation type racing games, of course, requires the ability to play F1 2011 racing game that is higher than the arcade racing game. However, when compared with simulation racing games the other, F1 2011 could be said to have a little difficulty level higher!

Open-wheel race cars such as Formula 1 has its own way to drive, which is certainly different from the standard of how to drive a race car. It also will you feel when you play the game F1 2011. You will probably need a little extra time to get used to driving a Formula 1 car you correctly. In this case, maybe you can take advantage of free practice sessions at each race weekend to learn how to control your car well in every corner that is in a circuit.

Besides the typical way of driving, another challenge in F1 2011 comes from the complexity of existing regulations on the circuit related how should you bring your car. You just cut a little corner, punishment from supervisors race will come up to you. You just a little late braking and make your car "push" another car, the penalty also came. Besides those two things, there are many other things that can get you exposed to penalties, whether it be a penalty up to disqualification.

Weather factors also add to the high level of difficulty of your efforts to drive a Formula 1 pole position. Weather has a considerable effect. When the weather is hot, your tires will experience performance degradation due to high heat will cause tire rubber to be quickly exhausted. But if rain occurs, slippery asphalt surface will make you rush to keep the car to stay on track. Weather effect is certainly in accordance with the promise of Codemaster when they first announced the game series F1 a few years ago.

In addition to these things, AI presented in Codemaster F1 2011 seems to have a fairly high level. On the easiest difficulty level of course, racers are controlled AI might trouble you, especially if you are still not able to drive a Formula 1 car you well. Higher difficulty level? Of course your skills as a racing genre fans will really be tested!

Your choices for the length of the race also contributed to the complexity of race. If you just choose race over 3 laps, you will not find some things that should be found in Formula 1. But if you choose the length of the race at least 20% of the actual race, you will get some extra things, such as the necessity to use at least 1 set of two tire options are provided, as well as the safety car.

These things will certainly provide more challenge to you, especially if you are a racing game lovers who are also lovers of Formula 1 racing.

Additional Features that liven up your race!

In addition to modes "Career", Codemaster also provides several other game modes that you can try. Mode "Grand Prix" lets you play your favorite race cars in finishing a race. Mode "Proving Ground" which contains a "Time Trial" and "Time Attach" can you play to test how fast you can eat one round on one circuit. In addition, there are also modes "Multiplayer" that you can use to test your Traffic against your peers.

Codemaster is also very concerned about the detail in the game F1 2011. Almost all the elements that exist in the game as it is portrayed in the real world. Starting from the interior, steering wheel means, in every car up to a view in each circuit are adjusted to actual conditions. Moreover, the EGO Engine 2.0 is used capable of producing a better view when compared with the old version of the EGO Engine in F1 2010.

As these games their other racing series, Race Driver and DiRT series, Codemaster also include Instant Replay feature that you can use to repeat the race from a certain point before you make a mistake. This feature will be very useful when you familiarize yourself with the game of Formula 1, or as a second chance when you make big mistakes in the race. However, if you want to feel the race is more challenging, you can also turn off this feature.


Codemaster managed to bring the thrill of Formula 1 into the game F1 2011! Small aspects of Formula 1 ever they describe in detail in this game.

* The picture quality is gorgeous
* Almost all aspects that exist in Formula 1 is represented with great detail
* An extensive range of race modes that can be tailored to the player desires
* Setting the car and the weather factors that really affect the car control


* High level of difficulty that will probably make gamers easily discouraged
* The absence of an explanation of the regulations may make mistakes you do not know what you do

Suitable for:

F1 enthusiasts, gamers who do like the race seriously

Not suitable for:

Fans of casual racing, racing game enthusiasts who prefer the option of many types of cars, anyone who does not know what it is Formula 1


Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Codemasters Birmingham
Genre: Racing
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Review - Need For Speed - The Run (System Requirements)

Are you ready to boost your adrenaline pumping vehicles to the maximum? Rare opportunity to feel back through the series will present the latest Need for Speed: The Run which will soon be released. Game that was first introduced at E3 2011 event this past does offer a different gameplay system. Not just dwell in the vehicle, gamers will have the opportunity to run the main character through active time-scenes a la Heavy Rain. These different experiences certainly make fans of this franchise can not wait to play it.

Need for Speed: The Run will bring the quality of the graphics are not kidding. This game will be built with the Frostbite Engine 2.0, the same engine that can deliver amazing visuals on the Battlefield 3. Therefore, although a multiplatform release, NFS: The Run is certainly going to look stunning on the PC version, far left version of the existing console. We recommend that you first check the requirements needed.



* OS: Windows Vista SP2 32-bit
* DirectX: DirectX 10
* Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Equivalent
* Memory: 3 GB
* Hard Drive: 18 GB
* Graphics card (AMD): 512 MB RAM ATI Radeon 4870 or higher performance
* Graphics card (NVIDIA): 512 MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or higher performance
* Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
* Keyboard or Gamepad or Steering Wheel
* DVD Rom Drive
* Online: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection


* OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
* DirectX: DirectX 11
* Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad or AMD Equivalent
* Memory: 4 GB
* Hard Drive: 18 GB
* Graphics card (AMD): 1024 MB RAM ATI Radeon 6950
* Graphics card (NVIDIA): 1024 MB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX560
* Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
* Keyboard or Gamepad or Steering Wheel
* DVD Rom Drive
* Online: 512 KBPS or faster Internet connection

What about your PC? It's ready to bring the Need of Speed: The Run which will be released this November 2011?

Download Here :
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Free Download Games Battlefield 3 Full Version

Free Download Games Battlefield 3 Full Version 
Battlefield 3: Battle of the Bulk Most Exciting Year!

Several months before the end of 2011 seemed to be raining gifts for gamers. Various game winning AAA class emerged quickly after the previous game gamers experiencing a prolonged drought. One of the action games you should not miss is Battlefield 3! Let us find a reason why this game is to get nominated for best action games in 2011 even before the game release!

So stunning gameplay trailer that is one reason this game is so awaited his presence. How not? Graphical display on the trailer is very beautiful and the battles that are shown so exciting! Now the question is whether this game can meet the expectations of gamers who have been captivated by its beauty? If you had listened to the preview that we provide a few moments ago about Battlefield 3 would you have seen the little beauty of this game has to offer! Find the answer by following our trip when exploring Battlefield 3!

Origin and Battlelog

Battlefield 3 is a game that has a high dependence on the Internet. If you want to gain experience of actually playing this game, the multiplayer mode is an option that you should play. Unfortunately, this game requires you to have an Internet connection to play its multiplayer mode. Well, dealing with this topic, then you will be familiar with the two portals game from Electronic Arts as the publisher of this game, the Origin and Battlelog.

Origin is an online marketplace program from Electronic Arts (like Steam) should you install to the computer to start the installation of Battlefield 3. This installation is in our opinion is the process long enough for gamers who have a slow Internet connection. Because, you must update Origins by downloading them automatically. After that, the installation of a new game begins. Then you must download the patch issued on the first day this game was released at about 400 MB. After that you re-download the latest patch Battlelog which fortunately is not too large in size.
Battlelog itself is the main media you to do anything related to Battlefield 3. This gaming portal will appear immediately once you run this game through the Origin. Battlelog form of web pages that contain the profiles, statistics, choice of modes of play, and the media to communicate with other players from around the world. This page was unfortunately not to be missed, even to play the Campaign mode (single player) though. So, you must have an Internet connection to play alone!

Campaign Mode

Are all the difficulties you encounter when the installation is paid by the pleasure of playing Battlefield 3? Yes, all was not in vain! Form of the game adopted the military shooter similar to previous Battlefield series, which is Battlefield 2. You can use various vehicles of war, to give contextual orders easily, and the concept of a class of soldiers who support each other. However, the most stunning is the quality of the graphics are incredibly beautiful and the game environment can be destroyed.

Battlefield 3 offers three modes of play, the campaign mode (single player), multiplayer, and the mode of cooperation. Of all these modes, which we think is the most normal campaign mode. Why is that? Stories are offered in this mode is less able to play with different players feeling surprise that left a lasting impression. In fact, the concept of a tense and exciting story is the main prescription of the single player mode. The duration of the mode in also not very long, which is about 5 to 6 hours.
Campaign mode does not meet the expectations of the story. So is the battle that did not feel a mass. You will be taken to follow a linear game and filled with events that have been planned in areas that are relatively small. Form of the game is single player mode replaces the previous Battlefield series that always invites players to fight as one army in the great war. Destruction of environment technology also does not look much in this mode. If you want to see it with satisfaction, then you have to play the multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer mode and Cooperation

After going through the campaign mode Battlefield 3 which does not give the impression of depth, we continue to play its multiplayer mode. The difference between these two modes are so far from all sides! In fact, arguably the multiplayer mode is a real game of Battlefield 3! All the features that made the Battlefield series so awaited his presence can be found here. Not only that, Battlefield 3 also provides a variety of interesting features that can not be found in previous series.

Form of the classic game of the Battlefield series you'll meet in this fashion. You can choose one of four army classes, namely Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon. When viewed more closely, each class has abilities that formerly separated into its own class. For example, the Assault class in addition to being the front line soldiers with lethal weapons also doubles as a medic. So, he can provide the package of treatment to heal other soldiers, brought them back, and at the same time can fire the grenade launcher that can kill many enemies. So is the engineer who used to serve only as a vehicle repair experts. Now, he is equipped with a rocket launcher to destroy tanks and airplanes!

Class Support and Recon also not be underestimated his abilities. Support in addition to carrying a machine gun that can disrupt the enemy ranks could also provide ammunition package (to reload) and bombarding enemy positions with artillery mortar. Distance mortar that fired too big and has the power to destroy the tank though. Lastly, the Recon is an expert in attacking the enemy from a distance. He was armed with a deadly sniper rifle and at the same time has a variety of supporting equipment, such as making the Drop Point The spawn points are useful as a new army. So, you can place it in areas that are not supposed enemies and surprise them from behind. Recon also able to provide radar support to the use of small flying machines with the camera. All he saw the enemy will look at the radar and no enemy can hide anymore!
A variety of classes that you can play in Battlefield 3 also can not stand alone if you want to fight efficiently and achieve victory. Assault class that can maintain itself with the treatment package eventually need help to fill the cartridges and Support Engineer to destroy the Tank. The balance of this game is made in such a way that you will need help from other players. So also with the users a vehicle that has always been a rocket engineer soft food. They require Engineers to repair their vehicles.

Multiplayer mode in Battlefield 3 is divided into several types of games. You can find the Conquest, Rush, Deathmatch, and Cooperation. While the folder that you can use at first consisted of nine pieces. Later you will find more new maps and new weapons in the expansion set "Back to Karkand" which at the time of this review was written has not been released. Well, to get to know more about the multiplayer, we will discuss about all types of games in this mode.

Conquest is a type of game that most gamers are known by lovers of the Battlefield series. Conquest mode has long existed in this series and became one of the identity of the Battlefield games. In this mode, you will fight in areas that are large in mass battle fighting positions. The number of players who can participate in this mode is also quite large, up to 64 players! So, 32 players will battle against 32 players on the opposite side.

At first, each side will be given a ticket with a limited number. This ticket is the number of reinforcements that can be deployed in the field. When a player dies, then when he came back to life (spawn) the number of tickets will be reduced by one. The team that managed to spend the ticket his opponent is the winner of this mode. Position in a folder can also affect the ticket. Each folder is usually given a number of positions that must be mastered and the number is always odd. So, the team that has fewer positions will have a penalty, which is the tickets will be reduced automatically until exhausted. So, Conquest becomes a fun fashion thanks to fierce resistance both teams to master more positions!
Rush has a different concept from the Conquest. In this mode, your position will alternate with the opposing team as a defense and attack. The purpose of this mode is to destroy or retain two positions on the map. The attackers must install a second bomb in this position and defend it until the bomb exploded. While the last team must attempt to keep both positions. To make the game more lively, the attacker could run out of tickets. Thus, the attacker will lose when tickets run out! When the attackers managed to destroy two defensive positions, the last will be hit back and have to maintain two new positions. Tickets also go back into full attack if they succeeded in destroying a position. The defensive team will lose when the last position which is close to its headquarters were destroyed. After that, the position is reversed, the team survived the attack and vice versa.

Squad Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are fighting a brutal fashion and fun. Your only goal scored by the team finish off the enemy! You do not have to worry about maintaining the area and take it as found in the two previous modes. Map game in this mode is also smaller and this makes the battle become more frequent. Last mode is Cooperation. In this mode, you will invite other players via an Internet connection for the joint fight against computer-controlled enemies. The scenario given in this mode proved to be much more exciting and interesting when compared with the campaign mode! In addition, you can also collect value and it will open a special weapon that can not be obtained in another fashion!

Customization and Armament

The most interesting thing in multiplayer mode is the ability to customize equipment and weapons! Profile that you play will get the experience or the experience that is useful to raise the level. Usefulness of these levels is to open up new weapons and equipment that is very interesting for your character. For a shooter game, weapons are the main magnets that make the players keep playing!

The value of experience is also useful to increase the level of class you are using. If you often play the Assault class, then the level will rise and give gifts of equipment and special weapons class. Supplies are very strong and dangerous as well can only be obtained in this way, such as mortar to support, a tool to revive a dead colleague for Assault, and Javelin tank weapons to Engineer.

The way to get new equipment not only to increase the level of characters. You can also get supplies for a major weapon by raising the level of weapon you use. Simply defeat the enemy by using indicators such weapons and weapon proficiency will increase. Once the indicator is full, you will get new equipment, such as laser pointers, front grip, silencer, scope, and bipod. All that you can plug in such weapons and will directly improve performance. Each main weapon has 10 equipment and the number of weapons are about 41 pieces.

Equipment and increase the level also applies to the type of vehicle that you are using the war. Initially, the vehicle that you are using does not have the equipment that is "wow", like a rocket for helicopters, missile tracking heat for jet aircraft, and machine guns to tanks. All of that should you get by using a vehicle and defeat the enemy when they are in it. After reaching a certain point, you will get new equipment and the same as the main weapon, you can plug in vehicles to benefit against lower level enemies.

Beautiful game environments

Another factor that should not be forgotten is the look and graphic effects Battlefield 3 which is so beautiful! This game was so wonderful to have rain will praise the greatness of the technology looks. This was achieved thanks to Frostbyte 2 game engine used in Battlefield 3. Unlike the other games that usually sets the standard zoom with console XBOX 360 and PS3, Frostbyte 2 is designed to run with high computer specification standards. Therefore, the lowest setting of this game on the computer is so beautiful and comparable to the High setting image in other shooter games.

Display effect of Frostbyte 2 certainly is not only useful for cosmetics only. These engines also make the gaming environment becomes more felt "real" with the ability to destroy the environment. So, when you are dealing with the tanks do not expect to hide behind a wall. The tank wall to shoot enough and he was instantly destroyed, along with your death! In this game, the vehicles pose a terrible war for the infantry. Not only explosion that could kill. You also can die from falling trees!

Another beauty from the side view is the effect of light that resembles the original world. Sparkle of light in dark places can blind your eyes! In fact, this method is used players in multiplayer mode to gain an advantage when fighting at close range. They will put a flashlight on the gun and use it to blind you! However, this luminosity also provide benefits for you. Sniper weapons that can kill you from long distances due to the reflected glow emitting light at the lens scopes! It is very helpful to know where the enemy in the game environment. Moreover, high quality graphics make anyone could easily blend in with its surroundings and they can set up a trap for you!

Graphic quality and high standards of engine Frosbyte 2 proved to have advantages and disadvantages. For gamers who play on a computer with high-specification, this game will not give problems. However, for computers with less high-specification, especially if you do not have a Windows 64-bit and 8 GB of RAM, so do not expect to play comfortably in High and Ultra settings! Fortunately, the Medium setting was so comfortable to play! Another problem with the XBOX 360 console gamers! Be prepared to get under the standard computer display! This remains the case with the use of High Quality Texture package included with game sales.


After we dwell width declared all things related to Battlefield 3, there are really only a few points to explain this game vividly. First, this game should be played in multiplayer mode, because here you can find a real Battlefield 3. Secondly, this game is very beautiful thanks to the graphics technology Frostbyte two incredible. And third, be prepared to play in a long time. Therefore, this game will continue to provoke you to find all the equipment and weapons!


* The quality of a very beautiful
* Environment games that can be destroyed
* Customization and extensive collection of weaponry
* The balance of class forces require players to cooperate
* Mode of the exciting cooperation


* Mode campaign did not attract
* Must use Internet connection for play
* Service Origin and unsatisfactory Battlelog
* There is no skirmish mode (fight against the computer) and LAN
* Standard high computer specs

Suitable for Gamers

Love the Battlefield series of games, like the bulk of war, and love the competition with other players.
Not Suitable For Gamer
Did not like the multiplayer mode and do not want to cooperate with other players.
Minimum PC Specifications
OS: Windows Vista SP2
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core (Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Athlon X2 2.7 GHz)
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: 512 MB RAM (NVIDIA: GeForce 8, 9, 200, 300, 400, or 500 series) (ATI: Radeon 3000, 4000, 5000, or 6000 series)
Hard Drive: 20 GB
DirectX 10.1
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Dice
Type: Action First Person Shooter
Age Limit: Adults (age 18 +)

Official Website
Download Here :
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Free Download Games God Of War 2009 Full Version

Free Download Games God Of War 2009 Full Version 
God of War 2009, The darkness of the ancient Greeks, none was able to deter and stop the war god Ares, Athena destroyed voznamerivshegosya great. Even the guards of the goddess Pallas Athena, daughter of Zeus gromoverzhtsa not able to violate the prohibition of the father, not to fight each other among fellow gods.

Kratos, the great son of Sparta, ruler of the past, only he who can stop this destruction.

He who has given his soul to Ares in exchange for victory over the barbarians, and then he turns into a merciless slave, name of city dwellers who dubbed him. But it is time for change, and gain independence and restore the world from destruction, bringing the impossible mission - to kill a god!
God of War 4 will be Released Next Year?

All gamers have ever felt directly Kratos adventure chase and finish off the gods of Olympus with a cruel it is definitely wanting more God of War series. Action game released exclusively for PlayStation platforms this does look stunning, not only in terms of graphics, but also from a variety of cinematic scenes are wrapped in an epic scenenya active. Even though Kratos had done all the things that deserve to close this franchise, God of War did not seem to be so just die. Various rumors heat up the atmosphere of the presence of the more recent series.
An online game store from New Zealand named Mighty Ape further strengthens the suspicion that Sony Santa Monica is currently working on the latest series of God of War. The store is clearly putting the release date of God of War 4 for September 2012, Sony itself does not provide any official information related to this. One is for sure, John Hight, boss of Santa Monica in the past had claimed that life as a God of War franchise will continue to live even though Kratos had closed the series in a trilogy.

As far as what the truth of this rumor, it is still too early to ascertain as a fact. Sony declined to comment, and a lack of evidence that bodes well for not much hope. But I'm sure touched back a series God of War is definitely a dream of many gamers. Kills more deities with blood? Why not!
Download Here :
Download God of War 2009 part 1:
Download God of War 2009 part 2:
Download God of War 2009 part 3:
Download God of War 2009 part 4:
Download God of War 2009 part 5:
Download God of War 2009 part 6:
Download God of War 2009 part 7:
Download God of War 2009 part 8:
Download God of War 2009 part 9:
Download God of War 2009 part 10:
Download God of War 2009 part 11:
Download God of War 2009 part 12:
Download God of War 2009 part 13:
Download God of War 2009 part 14:
Download God of War 2009 part 15:
Download God of War 2009 part 16:
Download God of War 2009 part 17:
Download God of War 2009 part 18:
Download God of War 2009 part 19:
Download God of War 2009 part 20:
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Free Download Games Dragon Ball Z Full Version

Free Download Games Dragon Ball Z Full Version 
Dragon Ball tells about a boy named Goku who lived alone in the middle of the mountain. He then met with Bulma, a young girl genius, trying to collect seven magical balls that he could grant all wishes. Ball-ball is called Dragon Ball.

Description: Dragon Ball is 7 pieces of crystal ball spread around the globe, ball ojingga colored star patterns contained in it, when someone successfully collect 7 Dragon Ball fruit it will appear a dragon god who is able to grant a request for anything, even including revive the dead.

In his journey with Bulma to find the Dragon Ball, Goku must deal with many obstacles, one of which is from the Red Ribbon Army. This group has the same passion with Goku and Bulma.
The characters of Dragon Ball

* Son Goku (Songoku)
* Bulma (Burma)
* Krillin (Kuririn)
* Master Roshi (Kamesennin)
* Oolong (Uron)
* Yamcha (Yamucha)
* Puar (Puaru)
* Chi-Chi (Chichi)
* Ox King (Gyumao / King Beef)
* Launch (Ranchi)
* Tien (Ten Shin Han)
* Chiaotzu (Chaoz)
* Son Gohan (Songohan)
* Son Goten (Songoten)
* Vegeta (Bezita)
* Trunks (Toranku)
* Pilaf (Pirafu)
* Tao Pai Pai (Tao Bai Bai)
* Red Ribbon Army (Red Ribbon)
* Piccolo (Pikkoro)
* Tsuru-sennin (Tsurusennin)
* Cell (Fun)
* Frieza (Freeza)
* Buu (Bhu)
* Babidy
* Uub (UBH)
* Android # 17 (Man Made no. 17)
* Android # 18 (Man Made no. 18)
* Baby
* Broly
* Turles
* Bardock
* Omega Shenron (Shen Lon)
Dragon Ball Z

Tenkaichi Budokai

Dragon Ball Z begins at the time after "timejump" that is precisely After Goku into adolescence / adulthood. First seen at the Tenka Ichi Budokai games. Meet again with the Chi-Chi is the childhood promise to marry. The final short story is a young Piccolo vs. Goku. After Goku defeating Piccolo, he then started a family with Chi-Chi.

Tenkaichi Budokai, is a martial arts fight universal. which was held five years (later to 3 years). Participants come from different types of races that exist in the world of Dragon Ball. Participants also come with a variety of purposes, one wants to test the extent of his fighting skills, there is hope on the money raised, there is indeed aiming to finish off his opponent


* Match made in a rectangular arena
* Do not use weapons and body armor
* No killing opponents
* Warriors declared lost if:
o in a matter of ten fail to wake up from fainting
o out of the arena
o declare surrender

Saiyan Saga

Goku had married, had a son named Gohan, name is taken from the late grandfather Goku. When Goku asked Gohan being stopped at the Kame House, the sudden arrival of the earth startled Saiya named Raditz, it was found that he was the older brother of Goku. He recounts the origins of Goku which was derived from the planet Vegeta, as well as real name, Kakarot.

The purpose Goku is sent to Earth to destroy the earth's population then the planet Earth will be ruled by the Saiya. For refusing to carry out commands her brother, Raditz Gohan hostage. Unable to defeat Goku asks Piccolo alone join. End the fight with Raditz Goku sacrifices were killed. However the prior death, through Scouter Raditz tells two other Saiya people who will come to Earth next year. Scouter is a sophisticated tool-shaped glasses, which are used to communicate by Saiya, and also able to detect the level of fighting someone.

Piccolo took Gohan to be trained to face the nation that will come the Saiya. He trains Gohan without mercy. Finally arriving at the determination. Meanwhile, Goku trained in the world of the dead with King Kai, in order to face the next enemy.

Planet Namek

After the battle with Vegeta and Nappa on Earth, which took the lives of the Z-fighters, including Piccolo, the Dragon Ball was also destroyed. After a discussion with King Kai, it is known that on the planet Namek, Piccolo home planet of Namek nation there are species that are still alive and thriving. Thus the Z-fighters hoping there Dragon Ball on the planet and the spacecraft went with the original namek nation which takes about 3 months to get to the planet Namek. After arriving at the planet Namek, the planet was already colonized by Frieza and his cronies that have the power level is much more ruthless and more powerful than Vegeta. Even the means of communication and their spacecraft was destroyed.

Meanwhile on Earth, Goku is still lying in the hospital, got a visit from Yajirobe that provide so-called magic bean bean Senzu are not only nutritious but filling it can cure all diseases, broken bones, internal bleeding, a broken neck, spastic convulsions, pegel pains and common colds immediately. After he recovered soon after Bulma, Gohan and Krillin who had left earlier with more sophisticated aircraft made by aircraft Saiya nation, it only takes about a month. On his way to practice in the aircraft Goku has equipped machines of gravity x 100 by the aid of Dr.. Briefs (Bulma father).

In mid-story, Vegeta was forced to join the Z-fighters to defeat Frieza. But eventually killed by Frieza, after he tells the legend of the Super Saiyan Goku. End of story, Goku eventually turned into a Super Saiyan but only a moment because at the time the fight ended, it turns out the planet Namek explodes shattered pieces.
Cell Saga

After exploding planet Namek. Z-fighters suddenly startled by the arrival of a young man who finish off Frieza with Super Saiyan form. Even more surprisingly he said that Goku is still alive from the explosion on the planet Namek.

After waiting for 3 hours, Goku finally reached the earth, and it revealed the mysterious young man (only to Goku) that he was a young man from the future named Trunks. He said that at the time of XXX will appear two androids who are very powerful and sadistic that make the future like hell, even in the form of Super Saiyan even if they are not unprecedented and kill all the Z-fighters. He recalled that in the future Goku was not killed by android but by a disease. For the sake of preventing future is in, Trunks deliver the drug from the future (resulting in parallel world)

That deviate from the timeline, the android who appears again two unknowns, namely Android # 19 and Android # 20 (Dr. Gero) that has revenge on Goku because of the small time, Goku has destroyed the Red Ribbon Army (Red Ribbon Army). They are very strong. Android # 20 almost killed Yamcha by absorbing up energinya.Tetapi could be saved with nuts senzu. While starting his fight with Goku Android # 19. But Android # 19 is stronger than Goku. Goku almost killed as well as Yamcha. However, suddenly of heart disease which attacks the trunks had been told by Goku earlier than expected. Yamcha and immediately took care of Goku.

Vegeta who had just returned to practice in outer space back to earth with his new ability to be a super Saiya-jin. He defeated Android # 19 by using the moment the Big Bang Attack. Android # 20 that was almost unbeatable and uncovered his identity, go back to his laboratory is located in the mountains north to reactivate Android # 17 and Android # 18. This is the android who once told by Trunks. However, they were stronger than expected Trunks.Tapi android who is not an issue, but rather an organic robot named Cell. Cell has not been as strong as expected, until finally in mid-story, Cell suck android 17 and 18 and turn into perfect form Cell.

Buu Saga

Beginning with a martial arts universe that is held back. This event is followed by Goku who had come from the realm of the dead, disguised as Gohan Great Saiyaman, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, and others. Only Yamcha and Tien and Master Roshi who did not join the game.

At the time of the match, there were instances where opponents fight Gohan asked him to turn into Super Saiyan. When transformed into Super Saiyan Gohan suddenly ambushed by two agents of Babidy. Both men were assigned to look for large energy, which is necessary to generate Buu. Monsters who centuries ago had almost destroyed the universe.

After the Buu freed from his cage, with not necessarily exist that can match it. Vegeta even intentionally blowing up energy in his body, only resulted in his death, with Buu still be alive.

Gohan is presumed dead in the battle against Buu, was successfully rescued Kaioo King Kai to nature. There he trained to be able to defeat Buu. While Goku who had only a limited time (because it comes from the realm of the dead) fusion to teach Trunks and Goten after realizing the power that these children if there is a chance to join can beat Buu.

And in the fight against Buu for the umpteenth time, finally got destroyed by a thrown stance Goku Spirit Bomb. But in its official version, is Mr. Satan (also called Hercule) are considered to save the earth, again.

Download Here :
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Free Download Games Moto GP 2008 Full Version

Free Download Games Moto GP 2008 Full Version 
MotoGP motorcycle racing is a sporting event of the most prominent in the world today. High speed and highly precise accuracy curves to determine whether drivers will be revered as a winner or loser falls into the group. When the professionals are the meandering length of the circuit, this work looks incredible easy and fun. But what about when you are asked to do it yourself?

It is impossible for me to try driving a motor-powered motor is then able to comment on. But all things there must be a way, and the simplest for me? Try directly in the MotoGP gaming series, 2010/2011! The first warning is that I should declare myself as a gamer is not really like racing genre. But if asked whether I find extraordinary challenge in it? The answer is yes. Racing games are always present as a stepping stone that should be skipped.

I'm not going to categorize the MotoGP as an ordinary racing game that has the certainty of releases each year. This game is more suitable referred to as a MotoGP motorcycle racing game simulation for a variety of detail is included as an element affecting the race. We're not talking about sheer speed, but accuracy curves, setting the motor, until the track conditions affect it all. Even in the setting of "assisted" anything, you will still feel the level of difficulty.

Screenshots below will give some idea how the 2010/2011 MotoGP machine seen in the XBOX 360 and I was quite surprised by it. I was quite surprised with the quality of the graphics look bad (I have not seen the face of riders are offered at all). Posture of the riders look similar to each other without any characteristic. Is this going to affect the game overall? Hopefully not.

Sensation MotoGP

If you are a fan of one of the grandest events in the world of motorcycle racing, MotoGP, then you come to the right place. Of course there is no free movie tickets or a chance to try out a motor-powered motor is incredible on the track of international renown. You turned out to have the opportunity to experience it all through a simple step. Prepare your console, preparing for the funds that are not too large, go to the game store, and buy a game called MotoGP 2010/2011!
Adrenaline may be perceived by the drivers on the track at high speeds can you record through the game Moto GP 2010/2011. Although this game continue to be released per year with updates to date, but can not be denied his presence always brings a different experience. MotoGP 2010/2011 not only offers a racing game for you, it offers more.

You will surely agree with the opinion stating that the 2010/2011 MotoGP motorcycle racing is not an ordinary game. Various complexity makes this game more suitable to be called as a racing simulation game than a simple racing game such as Need for Speed. If it can be described, MotoGP is a Gran Turismo for two-wheeled vehicles. Speeds as well as take into account the timing and accuracy of the overall aspect of this game has to offer. Do not look at one eye, MotoGP 2010/2011 really challenging.
Complexity and Challenges

If you belong to gamers who like to play a racing game with simple buttons, it is advisable not to try this game. You may often find racing games that are "automatically" do the technical setting that makes you easy to make a sharp turn. Or you belong to those who enjoyed racing games that make you can race vehicles as fast as you want without much hindrance? If your answer is yes, then this 2010/2011 GP you should avoid. Why?
As a racing game based on major events in the real world, MotoGP 2010/2011 course has an obligation to deliver the driving experience that is not much different than racing in the real world. You do not expect that presented the exact same experience, but it may be said to adequately describe what is perceived by Rossi and Stoner when surround these difficult tracks. Taut, the demands of high concentration, calculation, and certainly a special trick tricks at every corner.

The complexity of presented MotoGP 2010/2011 deserves thumbs up. Calling it a mere racing game will lower the quality of this game. You must begin to recognize this game made by Capcom as a simulation game. Why? Since you do not just use simple buttons and a little luck to win every track in this game. You need skill and precision of movement to do so.

As in your driving experience in the real world, MotoGP also absorb the legal action the same reaction at the point of a certain speed. Encourage your motor is too fast and failed to slow the vehicle at some point before the turn, of course, will make a wide turn movements. There is a possibility you will only end up playing in the sand outside the track with no apparent purpose. So what makes it different from the usual racing game?

If the typical game Need for Speed ​​and the like, turn you will be assisted automatically by a computer, you can create the perfect cornering quite as bad as anything you are trying to slow the vehicle. In MotoGP? Even in the most simple setting, you will find the barriers to doing so. MotoGP 2010/2011 already provides guidelines in the form of green and red lines to let you know the exact timing for cornering and put a halt quickly and precisely. You definitely will record a perfect time if successfully followed. The problem? Not that easy to move in accordance with existing guidelines. If you still want to get more challenge, do not hesitate also to change the mode to a more difficult setting.

Motorcycle customization also be sold by the Moto GP series so far. You as gamers have the freedom to do penyeusaian-adjustment on the motor with enough detail as an element of personalization to the performance of the motor. By fiddling with this, you will feel the effects are stunning feels quite significant. If you simply understand the ins and outs of the automotive, this feature will definitely attract your heart.
Minimum System Requirements :
OS: Windows XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium 4 Processor
Memory: 512 MB (1 GB on Vista)
Hard Drive: 8 GB Free
Video Memory: nVidia GeForce 6600/ATI Radeon X1600 (Shader Model 3.0)
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c

Download Here :
Password : indowebster4ever
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Free Download Games Tekken 5 Full Version

Free Download Games Tekken 5 Full Version 
Tekken 5 has lowered the tradition of previous tekken Tekken-"Unlocking Character" and "Theatre Mode". Tekken 5 also has some additional features not encountered in previous Tekken, namely: "Customization".

This customization will give you the creative opportunity to make your character look "Cool" by using a variety of items that have been provided. To be able to get these items you should certainly have a point that you can collect during play Tekken 5. PS2 version is save all the data points and your character into the Memory Card while on the Arcade version, your data is stored on the Card Game Tekken 5.
Here is a collection of tips Tekken 5:

* Unlock All Characters
Finished the Story Mode with every character is different. Every time you finish one character, the character of the original? will contain new characters. You can get all the characters except Devil Jin Eddy Gordo. How to get Devil Jin is different from other characters.
* Theater Mode
To activate Theatre Mode, you must finish at least 1 character. Every character you have can you watch again tamatkan movienya in Theatre Mode. In Theatre Mode, you can watch the movie in addition to each character, you can listen to OST Tekken and Tekken 5 can see the trailer for the exhibition E3 or TGS.
* Unlock Eddy Gordo
Eddy Gordo can you get from the Customize menu Christie character. Happens to Eddy Gordo is an extra shirt from Christie. The price is 500.000 G (PS2) or 400.000 G (Arcade).
* Unlock Devil Jin
Devil Jin can you get after finishing mode "Devil Within" or play a few times the Arcade Mode, VS Mode or Story. Some say you should win the 200 rounds.
* Game Money (G)
Money game you can get every time you play Arcade Mode ranges from 800G - 4000G. In the normal Arcade Mode will appear random roulette box that will multiply the number of G that you get with the rolet
* You will also get 100.000G each successfully completing a character in Theatre Mode.
* After completing Devil Within, you'll get extra 1.000.000G
* Free Item Customization
You can get a free item when you play the Devil Within mode. the second time (after you finish it). These items can be found in the game as long as you play.
* Raising the Rank with Rapid
You must fight your enemies who have the same rank with you. Usually enough to win 3 or 5 times against the same enemy that rank to increase your rank.
After you fight ended in Arcade Mode, you can choose 3 opponent, your opponent can not always choose the same rank with you, but if any of the same rank, immediately select his opponent.
* Movie Extra Footage
You can watch some special extra scene between two characters who have a relationship in the story. Ingredients that do not rush to press the 'start' when the battle begins


 System Requirements:
- Core2Duo Clocked @ 3.8GHz
- GPU: 8800GT
- 4.5GB HardDisk free space


Download Here :

Mediafire Password:
RAR Password:
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