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Free Download Games Tekken 5 Full Version

Free Download Games Tekken 5 Full Version 
Tekken 5 has lowered the tradition of previous tekken Tekken-"Unlocking Character" and "Theatre Mode". Tekken 5 also has some additional features not encountered in previous Tekken, namely: "Customization".

This customization will give you the creative opportunity to make your character look "Cool" by using a variety of items that have been provided. To be able to get these items you should certainly have a point that you can collect during play Tekken 5. PS2 version is save all the data points and your character into the Memory Card while on the Arcade version, your data is stored on the Card Game Tekken 5.
Here is a collection of tips Tekken 5:

* Unlock All Characters
Finished the Story Mode with every character is different. Every time you finish one character, the character of the original? will contain new characters. You can get all the characters except Devil Jin Eddy Gordo. How to get Devil Jin is different from other characters.
* Theater Mode
To activate Theatre Mode, you must finish at least 1 character. Every character you have can you watch again tamatkan movienya in Theatre Mode. In Theatre Mode, you can watch the movie in addition to each character, you can listen to OST Tekken and Tekken 5 can see the trailer for the exhibition E3 or TGS.
* Unlock Eddy Gordo
Eddy Gordo can you get from the Customize menu Christie character. Happens to Eddy Gordo is an extra shirt from Christie. The price is 500.000 G (PS2) or 400.000 G (Arcade).
* Unlock Devil Jin
Devil Jin can you get after finishing mode "Devil Within" or play a few times the Arcade Mode, VS Mode or Story. Some say you should win the 200 rounds.
* Game Money (G)
Money game you can get every time you play Arcade Mode ranges from 800G - 4000G. In the normal Arcade Mode will appear random roulette box that will multiply the number of G that you get with the rolet
* You will also get 100.000G each successfully completing a character in Theatre Mode.
* After completing Devil Within, you'll get extra 1.000.000G
* Free Item Customization
You can get a free item when you play the Devil Within mode. the second time (after you finish it). These items can be found in the game as long as you play.
* Raising the Rank with Rapid
You must fight your enemies who have the same rank with you. Usually enough to win 3 or 5 times against the same enemy that rank to increase your rank.
After you fight ended in Arcade Mode, you can choose 3 opponent, your opponent can not always choose the same rank with you, but if any of the same rank, immediately select his opponent.
* Movie Extra Footage
You can watch some special extra scene between two characters who have a relationship in the story. Ingredients that do not rush to press the 'start' when the battle begins


 System Requirements:
- Core2Duo Clocked @ 3.8GHz
- GPU: 8800GT
- 4.5GB HardDisk free space


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