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Free Download Games Dalmatians 102 - Puppies To The Rescue Full Version

Free Download Games Dalmatians 102 - Puppies To The Rescue Full Version 
Cruella (Glenn Close) gets paroled after serving a prison sentence for 3 years. Cruela released on condition to pay £ 8 million to all the shelter dogs in the borough of Westminster and banned cruel applies to all dogs. Cruella then became an animal protection activist and fund an animal rescue operation run by Kevin (Ioan Gruffudd). While in prison, Cruella being treated by psychiatrist Dr. Pavlov (David Horovitch). Dr. Pavlov stated Cruella has been cured and no longer hates dogs.

Supervisory parole officer, Chloe (Alice Evans), remain suspicious of the behavior of Cruella. Chloe has a bunch of dogs in the house, do not believe in changing the nature of Cruella. The sound of the bell tower at London, Big Ben, can make Cruella back to the nature of its origin, but Dr. Pavlov did not want to tell it to anyone. Cruella feel the urge after hearing the sound of the bells of Big Ben and when he saw the dipstick and the dog: Domino, Little Dipper, and Oddball, he planned a plan to get a fur coat.

He told his servant, Alonzo to find some puppies after she hired a leather craftsman from Paris, Jean-Pierre LePelt (Gerard Depardieu) to help capture 102 puppies. All three make a scheme to regulate Kevin Sheppard as black dog for the police to investigate so Cruella and his accomplice could get all the dogs who needed his coat. However, Kevin soon escaped from prison and meet with Chloe Simon, who heard that Cruella and the gang headed to Paris. But they were soon captured by Cruella and imprisoned on fur factory.

Cruella forgot one dalmatian longer tail, which is plain Oddball because she was born without black spots. Oddball lead to save his family and all puppies are kidnapped Cruella. The story ends happily, Oddball get its first black spots, dog shelters get money Cruella, and all celebrate.

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